If you’re looking for a comfy spot in South West London with simple, fresh, delicious food and helpful staff mastering the art of coffee making look no further: Belle Amie is the place for you.

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Who We Are

If New Year’s Resolutions have taught us anything, it’s that change is possible if you work hard for it. By changing ownership in September 2017, Belle has freshened up its style and adapted its menu in order to make your local aspiring screenwriter with a Macbook full of ideas feel just as welcome as the mum with a trolley walking down the street.

Originally inspired by the amazing coffee culture in Australia and New Zealand, Belle Amie is an independently owned cafe, and with the new ownership, it additionally has taken on a European touch.

Vera, the current owner, is convinced that whereas good coffee and good food is important, only a homely atmosphere and friendly staff is what makes it whole.

What We Do

Most importantly, coffee.

The art of coffee lies at the heart of our business. We only choose quality beans, and all of our staff are trained to prepare your coffee just the way it should be.

Our breakfast and lunch food is genuine and freshly made every day, all our eggs are free range and it all just goes so well with our amazingly roasted Allpress coffee beans. They are ground and filtered with hot water, completed with a splash of milk if you like and served to you by one of the lovely baristas behind the counter.

Our smashed avocado is famous for its twist with lime and chilli.

Also, cakes. See our cake menu here.

What You Shouldn’t Miss

Have I mentioned the avocados yet? And the delicious coffee specialties, and the exceptionally good, freshly made cakes?

You know what else you shouldn’t miss? Our Tarte Flambée.

This Alsatian dish is made of extra thin bread dough and traditionally topped with sour cream, onions, bacon, and rocket.

We also offer a few variations to the original recipe, including vegan and vegetarian alternatives.